"If Ye Continue In My Word"        

John 8:31


     The one dominate mark of grace and salvation is perseverance. True believers are persevering believers. True disciples are persevering disciples. True servants are persevering servants. The Lord Jesus speaks plainly about this matter. He tells us that a disciple is not one who professes faith, but one who continues in the Word. A saved man is not one who puts his hand to the plow, but one who puts his hand to the plow and never removes it (Luke 9:62). A regenerate soul is not one who begins well and one who runs well for a season, but one who "endureth to the end" (Matt. 10:22).

     If you and I are true believers, if we have really experienced the grace of God in Christ, if our religion is more than a sham, a show, a pretence, and a refuge of lies, we will be found worshipping God, serving Christ, walking in the Spirit all the days of our lives. We may never cease to be plagued with sin, and never cease to be engaged in a warfare with sin in our hearts; but we will never again be brought under the rule and dominion of sin. True Christianity is not a spasmodic religion of convenience. It is life in Christ. Amid trials hard, temptations strong, and troubles constant, true faith is persevering faith. Here are three facts that cannot be denied.

     1. ALL TRUE BELIEVERS CONTINUE TO BELIEVE. Our faith is mixed with much unbelief. That we painfully confess. But the object of our faith never changes. We trust Christ alone for our everlasting salvation. Christ alone is our redemption and righteousness!

     2. TRUE CONVERTS CONTINUE IN THE WORD. They continue to live by the rule of the Word, continue to seek understanding in the Word, and continue to believe the blessed doctrines of the gospel revealed in the Word. All hell cannot drive a believer away from the hope of the gospel!

     3. TRUE CHRISTIANS CONTINUE IN THE WORSHIP OF GOD AND THE FELLOWSHIP OF GOD'S SAINTS. God's children feed upon the Word. They cannot survive without it. They delight in the fellowship of God's saints, gathered in the house of God, feeding at the Master's table.



Don Fortner