joh 07v43 There Was a Division Among The People Because of Him






John 7:43


It was true then, and it is true today: the Lord Jesus Christ is the cause of great division among men. (Read Matthew 10:34-36 and Luke 12:51-53). Spurgeon said, "Between the poorest saint and the brightest moralist, there is a great gulf. We may not be able to perceive it in the outward character, but there is as deep a gulf as there is between the feeblest form of life and death, - a gulf which only omnipotent grace can cause any man to pass over. "The radical difference between the true believer and the unbeliever lies in their relation to Christ. That is the point of divergence." It is foolish for us to refuse to recognize this division. The seed of the serpent hates the seed of the woman. The child of bondage and the free born son cannot live together in the same house. There no compatibility between believers and unbelievers.

                To the unbeliever Christ is nothing; but to the believer Christ is everything. The unbeliever trusts himself, his works, his priest, or his church for acceptance before God; but the believer trusts Christ alone for his whole salvation. To the unbeliever Christ is a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence; but to the believer Christ is exceedingly precious. The unbeliever is motivated by pride, seeks his own gain, lives by the principle of covetousness, and has his heart attached to this world. But the believer is not the same sort of man. He is motivated by the glory of Christ, seeks the will of Christ, lives in this world by the principles of love and faith, and has his heart fixed upon eternity.

                The point is this - If you trust Christ, love Christ, serve Christ, and seek the glory of Christ, you will be wise not to seek the companionship of men and women who care nothing for Christ. Such companionship can only bring you pain and misery.