“Will Ye Also Go Away?

John 6:67

This is a question which I frequently ask myself.


When any turn from Zion's way,

(Alas, that numbers do!)

Me thinks I hear my Savior say,

"Wilt thou forsake Me too?"


And now I put this question to you. Do not put it off as insignificant and meaningless. There are three very important lessons for us to learn from this event in the ministry of our Lord.

1. Many who seem to be the disciples, of Christ go back and walk no more with him. (v. 66). Throughout the history of the church, there have been many who seemed to be true and sincere Christians, who finally fell away and perished. For various reasons, such people make a profession of faith and join the church. But after awhile, they are offended at the Word, and they leave us. Why? "Because they were not of us."  They had no true saving union with Christ. This is a painful, but necessary thing. When we see others fall away, we are made to realize that we stand only by the grace of God.

2. The Lord Jesus Christ takes very great care to protect his true disciples from falling away. Our Lord puts this question to us, not because of any ignorance; he knows what is in the heart of men; but because of his great love to his own. He knew that we would be tempted to go away when we saw others doing so. At the first sign of decay from our first love, he knocks at our hearts with this question - "Will ye also go away?" Thus, he would keep us to himself with the cords of love. "Have I not loved you, redeemed you, chosen you, called you, and sanctified you? Will you now forsake me?" And, hereby, our Lord teaches us that all of his disciples follow him with a willing heart.

3. The true believer realizes that he has none to turn to but Christ. "Lord, to whom shall we go?" Brethren, we must cling to Christ. Christ alone satisfies our hearts. He is our God, our Savior, our Life, our Hope. Relying upon his grace, we say, "No, we cannot go away. We must have Christ."


Don Fortner