The Saving Work Of God The Holy Spirit   

John 6:63


     I fear that we are apt to think of the covenant of grace as a covenant made between God the Father and God the Son. It was not. It was a covenant made between the Father,the Son,and the Spirit. The work of God the Holy Spirit is as necessary for the salvation of God's elect as the works of the Father and the Son. God the Father elected us unto salvation (Eph.1:3-6;II Thess.2:13-14). He chose us, adopted us, and predestinated us unto heavenly glory. We rejoice in that! Without election no one could ever have been saved. But the Father's election, by itself could never have saved us. We had to be redeemed too. God the Son volunteered to redeem us, becoming our Surety and Substitute. He brought in everlasting righteousness and obtained eternal redemption for us (Heb.9:12). But redemption alone could not bring us to God. Redemption is a work of God for us. It changed our standing. But it did not change us. We can never enter heaven until a change is wrought in us. "Ye must be born again!" That is the work of God the Holy Spirit (John 3:5-7).God the Spirit agreed to effectually apply the blood of Christ to every chosen, redeemed sinner, create each one anew in Christ, call them, give them faith, and seal them in the grace of God forever (Eph. 1:13-14). The triune God has saved us; and the triune God shall be praised by us forever!



Don Fortner