Three Weighty Facts         

John 6:37-40


     Here are three facts revealed in Holy Scripture. May they be written upon our hearts by the finger of God. Our puny brains may not be able to sort out the details. We may not be able to see the consistency of these three facts. They may even appear to be contradictory. Yet, these three facts are plainly revealed in the Word of God.

     1. GOD ALMIGHTY SAVES WHOM HE WILL (Rom. 9:15, 16, 18). He chose some and passed by others. He sent his Son to redeem some, but not others. Christ makes intercession for some, but not others. He sends his Word to some, but not others. The Holy Spirit regenerates and calls some, but not others. All whom the Father chose, the Son redeemed, and the Spirit calls shall be saved, all of them and no one else, no matter what! "Salvation is of the Lord!" Yet, our great, sovereign God has ordained the use of certain means, and will not save any sinner apart from the means he has appointed. God will not alter his purpose at all. If Ninevah is to be saved, Jonah (and no one else) must go to Ninevah, because God has determined to save Ninevah through the preaching of Jonah.

     2. YOU AND I ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE IMMORTAL SOULS PLACED BY GOD UNDER OUR INFLUENCE (Ezek. 33:7-9). Men and women are saved or lost as a direct result of our actions (Ezek.3:17-19; I Tim.4:16). God's purpose can never be altered or frustrated. What he has purposed he will do. Neither Lucifer, nor you, nor I can overrule him (Isa. 14:24,26,27). Yet, as satan is responsible for the angels he led to destruction, though not one elect angel fell, so we are responsible for those who are under our influence, though none of God's elect shall ever perish.

     3. AND EVERY MAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN SOUL. If you seek the Lord, you will find him. He promises it (Jer. 29:12-13). If you refuse,you will perish forever. If you trust Christ, you shall be saved. If you believe not, you shall be damned.Your faith will not add to the number of God's elect. Neither will your unbelief alter the purpose of God (Rom.3:3-4). If you are saved, it is because God chose you, redeemed you, and called you. If you die in your sins it will be because you refused to trust Christ. Your willful unbelief, not the purpose of God,shall be the cause of your condemnation (John3:36).



Don Fortner