The First Five Books Of The Bible       

John 5:46


     The Old Testament Scriptures are full of Christ. "The Lamb is the Light thereof!" Until you see Christ in the Old Testament all is darkness and obscurity. But when Christ is revealed in the heart and seen in the Scriptures, by the enlightening grace of God the Holy Spirit, the eye of faith sees that every type, sacrifice, prophecy, and promise is full of Him. The writings of Moses are delightful to the person who sees Christ in them.

     I do not mean to suggest that we twist the words of Moses and the other prophets to make them speak of Christ. I mean that it was the intent of God the Holy Spirit that we understand them in the light of Christ crucified, and that there is no other way to properly understand the Old Testament Scriptures. Consider the writings of Moses in this light.

     GENESIS begins with the creation, but Christ is the Creator. It repeatedly speaks of and illustrates God's electing grace, but election is in Christ. EXODUS is a marvellous story of redemption, but Christ is the only Redeemer revealed. LEVITICUS sets before us the worship of God by his redeemed people, with Christ as our Priest, Sacrifice, Tabernacle, Altar, Mercy-Seat and Atonement. NUMBERS reminds us that we are pilgrims in this wilderness, wandering and warring through the earth, with Christ as our Captain, Guide, Provider, and Protector. DEUTERONOMY is full of gracious, spiritual instruction. It has been called "The Gospel According to Moses." It abounds with sovereign grace and discriminating love. The meaning of the word "Deuteronomy" is "Second Law." Moses broke the two tables of the law which God gave him on Mt. Sinai. But God gave him the tables of the law a second time. This time he put them into the ark of the covenant, under the mercy-seat, and covered them with blood! Deuteronomy is a recapitulation of Israel's sins and of God's covenant faithfulness, forbearing grace and constant forgiveness of the sins of his people.

     The first five books of the Bible are the preface for the rest. Like all the rest of the inspired Volume, they are full of Christ, full of grace, full of redemption. They all speak of him who is our Savior. As you read through the Book of God, seek Christ in its pages. They all speak of him.



Don Fortner