"The Scriptures"          

John 5:39


     The scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD(II Pet.1:19-21;II Tim.3:16). Holy men of God,prophets and apostles, chosen,ordained, and gifted by God, wrote the scriptures as they were infallibly guided by the Spirit of God. Though, for the most part, these men were unknown to one another, lived in different lands and ages,spoke different languages, and were of widely varying natural abilities and social rank, yet they all wrote of one Person and declared one message, without the slightest contradiction.The Person of whom the scriptures speak is the Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:45). The message they declare is redemption purposed, accomplished, and applied by the triune Godhead and received by faith (Eph. 1:3-14).

     This Holy Book, the Word of God, IS TO BE REVERENCED, HONORED, AND HIGHLY ESTEEMED BY US AS THE WORD OF GOD(Psa. 138:2). Let us never depreciate, or in any way show the slightest disrespect for the Word of God. If God has magnified his Word above all his name, then surely those who reverence his name will reverence his Word. The Book of God is sacred. It is not a relic, or a magical charm. But it is sacred. And it is to be treated as such. I have heard men say, "Apart from the application of the Holy Spirit, the Bible is no more valuable than the morning newspaper." Oh, no! Unlike any other word written with pen and ink, there is a special blessing of God upon all who read, hear, obey, and keep the sayings of this Book (Rev.1:3;22:7). We do not worship the Bible.That would be idolatry. We do not hold the Bible as a protection, in times of danger or fear, from evil. That would be witchcraft and superstition.But we do reverence it as the Book of God.

     And THE WORD OF GOD ALONE IS AUTHORITATIVE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD (II Tim. 3:16-17). We believe and preach only that which is written in the scriptures, and all that is written in the scriptures. We add nothing to it and take nothing from it. And we practice in public worship only that which is taught in the scriptures, all that is taught in the scriptures, as it is taught in the scriptures. The Bible alone is the book of faith and practice for the church of God in this world.


Don Fortner