"He That Believeth On The Son Hath Everlasting Life"

John 3:36



Salvation and eternal life is promised to faith in Christ, nothing else. In fact, any sinner who trusts Christ already "hath everlasting life." If he did not already have life he could not believe. Faith in Christ is not the cause of spiritual life, but the fruit and evidence of it. It is the fruit of God the Holy Spirit, produced in the heart by regenerating grace (Gal. 5:22). And it is the evidence of that unseen work of grace in the heart (Heb. 11:1).

     If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ you have everlasting life. Faith is the commandment of God. Faith is the matter of first concern. You must believe. You must trust Christ. If you do, everything else will fall into place. But as long as you set up any condition that must be met by you before you can believe and be saved, you are attempting to save yourself. And God will not allow that. He will not allow you to mix your works with his grace.

     THE CONVICTION OF SIN does not produce faith. Holy Spirit conviction is the fruit of faith (Zech. 12:10). Agrippa had deep conviction, but not faith. REPENTANCE does not produce faith. Repentance toward God is pro- duced by faith in Christ.When Isaiah saw Christ,then he cried, "Woe is me!" King Saul had repentance, but not faith.KNOWLEDGE does not produce faith. Spiritual know- ledge is produced by faith (Heb.11:3).Demas,Judas,Simon Magus, Diotrephes, Hymenaeus and Philetus all had know- ledge, but none had faith. Any knowledge a man has that precedes faith in Christ is a natural,carnal knowledge. Spiritual knowledge cannot exist apart from spiritual life. I know that faith cannot exist without knowledge. But I also know that knowledge does not produce faith. Understanding of that which God has revealed is the result of believing what God has revealed. LOVE FOR CHRIST does not produce faith. Faith produces love and works by love, but it is not conditioned upon love.

     If you would be saved, you must quit trying to work up conviction, repentance, knowledge, or love enough to make you qualified to believe and simply trust Christ as a sinner with nothing to offer God.


Don Fortner