“Fill the waterpots with water” (John 2:7)


In the story of our Lord Jesus turning water into wine we have a good picture of God’s method of grace, a picture of the way God saves sinners.


It was the Son of God who performed the miracle. Yet men were called to fetch the pots, fill them with water, draw off the wine, and carry it to the governor of the feast. The means used were human; though the power that performed the miracle was Divine. It may have seemed foolish to fill the pots with water, but water is a symbol of the written Word (Ephesians 5:26); and the way to bring joy and comfort to the human heart today is to fill it with the preached Word. God makes it effectual to whom he will (Isaiah 55:11; Romans 10:17).


            Of course, we know that the Son of God could have supplied all the wine that was needed without employing these servants. He did not need them! But they would have missed the blessed benefit of being instruments by whom the Son of God brought his miraculous boon of mercy to the wedding guests. Before anyone else knew what the Master had done, “the servants which drew the water knew.”


            What a high honor it would be for the Son of God to use you and me to draw water from his Word and carry it to one of his chosen as the wine of his grace!





Don Fortner



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