joh 01v42 He Brought Him To Jesus





John 1:42


Yes, salvation is all of grace. It is the Good Shepherd who goes out to seek his sheep. He finds them. And he brings them home. But according to his infinite wisdom and condescending grace, it is our Lord's good pleasure to employ men in this heavenly work. Andrew was present when John said, "Behold the Lamb of God!" And Andrew beheld him. Immediately, Andrew went and found Simon, and told him “We have found the Christ," "And he brought him to Jesus." Andrew could not give Simon faith. He could not show him Christ's glory. He could not save him. But there was something he could do - He could tell Simon what he had seen. He could tell Simon about Christ. And he could bring Simon to the place where he might meet Christ for himself. You know the result of Andrew's effort. Simon was converted and he became the mighty spokesman of the early church.

                Andrew never preached like Peter did. But had it not been for Andrew's witness to his brother, Peter would never have preached either. Maybe you can't preach. But you can be an Andrew. Go and tell men what you have experienced, tell them about the Christ of God. Then bring them with you to the place where they are most likely to meet Christ for themselves. Bring others with you to the house of God to hear a man preach the gospel of Christ.

                I cannot believe that a man has tasted the honey of the gospel if he is content to eat it all by himself. Free grace compels a man to be generous. We do not want to bring others to our Lord that they may enjoy his riches with us. You have a tremendous opportunity before you. How many people do you know who are perishing for a lack of knowledge? You have at your disposal tracts, articles, tapes, and your own experience by which you can share the knowledge of Christ and his gospel. Who knows? Maybe God will be pleased to use you to bring another sinner like yourself to a saving knowledge of Christ.

What a glorious prospect! Let it inspire you to begin the work today. Andrew brought Simon to the Savior. Philip brought Nathanael. Who will you bring?