The Balanced Message        

John 1:29-37

            Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God sacrificed, slain, risen from the dead, and exalted in all his saving efficacy and fullness is the message God has given us to proclaim. Let me state emphatically that Christ as the lamb of God is the perfectly balanced message of the gospel. This is what John the Baptist preached in the open fields to the mixed crowds of believers and unbelievers. And on the very next day he preached the same thing as he privately instructed two of his disciples.

            Every time a man wants to excuse himself for not preaching the gospel or wants to justify his criticisms of those who do, this is the line that is used - “I believe we ought to have a balanced message.” Yet, those who use that line seem to me to always have a lopsided message of works.

            When Christ crucified is a man’s message, when Christ is all in all in preaching, you have everything in that message. Christ crucified is a message of doctrinal instruction, experimental grace, and practical godliness. All vital doctrinal instruction is contained in this message - “Behold the Lamb of God!” That preacher who preaches Christ crucified clearly and constantly gives his people the best possible doctrinal instruction. Read John’s message carefully in verses 29-37. The preaching of Christ as the crucified, sin-atoning Lamb of God, of necessity, involves the proclamation of his eternal deity and incarnation; the strict justice of God, the enormous evil of sin, and the total inability of the sinner; the efficacy of the atonement, the superabundance of grace, the infinite love of God, and the infallible security of God’s elect. How can any perish for whom such a sacrifice was made?

            If you want a personally experimental religion, as I do, if you need experimental grace, grace that is felt in the depths of your soul, this is the message that will promote it. - “Behold the Lamb of God!” Are you vexed with sin? Are you troubled with affliction? Are you in need of comfort? Do you need reviving? Are you fearful about your soul? Are you concerned about the future? Whatever your spiritual needs are, this is the best counsel that can be given to you: “Behold the Lamb of God!”

            If you need instruction in what men call practical godliness, you need to hear this message. - “Behold the Lamb of God!” What can be more practical, what can so effectually promote good works, what can be more inspiring to godliness than Christ crucified? (Read Titus 3:4-8). Do you want to learn how to give? Do you want to know what kind of father and husband you ought to be? Do you want to know how to serve God’s church and kingdom? Do you want to know how to love one another? Do you want to know how to bear affliction? Do you want to know how to pray? Do you want to how to live? Do you want to know how to die? “Behold the Lamb of God!

Don Fortner