joh 01v06 There Was A Man Sent From God


John 1:6


Of this you may be sure - When God intends to bless his people and bestow his grace upon them, he will send a man as his messenger to them. The man whom God sends has a message from God, which he must deliver. The Lord will supply his messenger with all the gifts and graces necessary for his work, and his gifts will make room for him. If a man is sent of God, the Holy Spirit of God upon that man will make him effectual and irrepressible in his work. He cannot and will not be stopped until his work is done.

                But of this you may also be sure - Such a man will not be popular among the Lord's enemies. If God is using a man, Satan will oppose him. He will have an abundance of enemies who watch him, looking for an excuse to slander him. Any flaw of character, any slight mistake, any weakness they will exalt and magnify, in an attempt to make God's servant appear as some hideous monster. His words will be misinterpreted, his actions will be misunderstood, and his motives will be misrepresented. And those self-righteous men who oppose him will do so in the name of the Lord, with pretentious piety and humility. John the Baptist, our Lord Jesus Christ, the apostle Paul, and all their successors have been the objects of scorn among religious people. But the man sent from God will remain firm, faithfully executing his work, even unto death