"This Is The King!"        

Luke 23:38


     The Lord Jesus Christ is our King. He is not waiting to be made a King. He is the King! And every believing heart gladly bows to and acknowledges Jesus Christ as King. If Christ is not my King, he is not my Savior. If he has not become the Master of my heart, he is not the Savior of my soul. The enlightenment of grace given to God's elect in regeneration is intimately connected with the kingship of Christ (Eph. 1:17-23). It is impossible to exercise faith in Christ without bowing to his dominion and confessing him as Lord (Rom. 10:9-10; Lk. 14:25-33; Mk. 8:34-35).

     CHRIST IS KING BY A SEVENFOLD RIGHT. He sets upon the throne of universal dominion by incontestable right. Royalty belongs to Christ by right of: (1) The Father's decree (Psa.45:6-7), (2) His own Godhead (Rom. 9:5), (3) The fact that he is the Creator of all things (John 1:1-3),(4) His preservation of all things (I Tim. 4:10), (5) His mediatorial accomplishments (Rom. 14:8), (6) His conquests as our Savior (Psa. 68:18-20),and (7) The popular will of his people. All the citizens of his kingdom want Christ to be the King. The Lord God promised his Son that he would give him a portion with the great and that he would divide the spoil with the strong. We are that spoil! We are the trophies of his victory! We are the treasure for which he laid down his life, that he might redeem us to himself!

     BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT CHRIST'S KINGSHIP INVOLVES. When the Word of God declares that Christ is the King (Acts 2:36) it is not asserting that he holds title to an honorable office. It is asserting both his right to and his work in his kingly office. With regard to the world, Christ's kingship means total dominion (John 17:2). Jesus Christ is the sovereign Monarch of the universe. And he always exercises his sovereignty everywhere! With regard to his people, Christ's dominion means salvation and security. He reigns to give eternal life to his elect. And those to whom he gives eternal life, as he declares, "Shall never perish!" With regard to his church, Christ's glorious throne means submission. He is our only Lawgiver. His Word is our only rule of faith and practice. His authority is the authority by which we operate. And Christ our King is Christ our Captain. He will fight for us and defend us. Christ is our King!



Don Fortner