"The Lord Commended The Unjust Steward"  

Luke 16:8


     The unjust steward was a wicked, dishonest man. He was too lazy to work and too proud to beg (v.3). Yet, when he found out that he was to be put out of his stewardship by his master he determined that he would make friends of his lord's debtors, so that when he was turned out of his master's house he might be received into theirs (vv. 4-7). Treacherous as he was, he was brilliant in this one thing - He used the opportunity he had to prepare for his future, when all opportunity would be gone. For this his lord commended him and the Lord Jesus holds him up as an example of wisdom (v. 8).

     The unjust steward was not commended for doing the things he had done, but because he had wisely provided for himself. Dishonest as he was, by lessening the bills of his master's debtors he made friends for himself. Wicked as he was in his deeds, he had an eye to the future. Disgraceful as his actions were, he provided well for himself. He did not sit still in idleness and wait to be reduced to poverty. He schemed, planned, contrived and found a way to secure a future home for himself. Therefore the Lord Jesus said, "The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."

     This man, with regard to earthly things, was very diligent. He wisely looked to and provided for the future. This is commendable even in ants (Prov. 6:6-9). It is the nature of man, by base, animal instinct, with regard to earthly, carnal, material things, to look to the future. In fact, we most naturally look to the future with regard to everything temporal. Are we not then fools if we neglect our souls? This unjust steward is a man whose example in earthly things we would be wise to follow in spiritual things. Like him, we should look to the future. Be wise, my friend, make provision for your soul against that day when you shall have to leave your present habitation. Secure to yourself "an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" by faith in Christ. Use every means at your disposal to secure the everlasting welfare of your immortal soul (Mk. 8:34-38). Pray, while you have opportunity to pray. Read God's Word, while you are able to read. Hear the gospel, while you can hear the gospel. "Seek ye the Lord, while he may be found." The time will come when you cannot seek him!


Don Fortner