Luke 10:42


There are many things which are good and useful. There are many things which are helpful and important. But only one thing is needful. We must not allow either the cares of this world, or religious activity to keep us from this one needful thing. The one needful thing which Mary chose, that good thing which shall not be taken away from her is this "Mary sat at Jesus' feet and heard his Word." Brethren, the one thing we need, the one thing that is necessary and essential is the worship of Christ. Religious activity is good if it is accompanied with and arises from spiritual worship. But we must never be so active that we neglect the sweet, worshipful communion to be found sitting at Jesus' feet.

Dear friend, would you serve Christ? Getting busy for Jesus is not the first thing you need to do. You need to set down at his feet and hear his Word. All true service begins with, and is inspired by, worshipping - DOWN AT THE SAVIOR'S FEET.