luk 07v38 At His Feet


At His Feet…” Luke 7:38


If ever a man gets sight of Christ’s saving fullness and majestic glory, that man will be found “at his feet”. And he will be most happy to be found “at his feet” always. Oh, may the Lord ever bring us to bow “at his feet”! This poor woman, who was a harlot, found her place at the Master’s feet, and was justified. Let us follow her example. She came to his feet in Faith. She stood at his feet in Hope. She wept at his feet in Brokenness. She washed his feet in Reverence. She wiped his feet in Submission. She kissed his feet in Affection. She anointed his feet in Consecration. All that she possessed was consecrated to the Lord. She devoted herself and all that she had to the Master. In loving gratitude, she sacrificed her richest possessions to the Lord. And she Found Forgiveness “at his feet”.