The Cleansing Of Naahan Or God's Method Of Grace


"Many lepers were in Israel in the time of Eliseus the prophet; and none of them was cleansed, saving Naaman the Syrian." Luke 4:27


            The cleansing of Naaman was a famous story of the Old Testament scriptures, with which the Jews of our Lord's day were very familiar. But, when our Lord recalled it to their attention, "they were filled with wrath." Those men understood perfectly well what Christ was saying, and they greatly resented it. That which our Lord was teaching is just as violently opposed by our modern religionists as it was by the Jews. But, for those who are taught of the Spirit, this is a most delightful and comforting doctrine - salvation is accomplished by the sovereign prerogative of God. This little story plainly sets forth God's method of grace.

            The sovereignty of God's grace Was clearly displayed in cleansing of? It is evident that Naaman was the object of sovereign grace, because he was the most unlikely candidate for mercy. Naaman was a heathen, Gentile idolater. He was a sworn enemy of Israel, the people of God. Besides, Naaman lived a long way from the prophet's home. Yet, the grace of God passed by many lepers in Israel. Going far afield; it found this Syrian soldier. Blessed be God, he still operates in this same sovereign manner! Those whom men consider the  least likely candidates for mercy are the objects of God as free-grace. Many others were passed by, more noble, more excellent than he; but God chose Naaman.

            But, mark this also - The grace of God always operates in a definite manner. God has not only ordained who will be saved. He has ordained the method by which they will be saved as well. First, Naaman had to hear the good news that healing was possible. Whenever God intends to save a sinner, he will send someone to tell him the gospel, It may be a little Hebrew maid, or it may be an old man. But always, "Faith cometh by hearing". For another thing, it was imperative  for Naaman to heed the message and obey the command. Even men must hear the gospel and in humble faith wash in the blood of Christ.

Don Fortner