"He Shall Be Great"         

Luke 1:32


     Ever entertain great thoughts about Christ! Let your thoughts of him always be high. Ask God to cause your estimation of his Son's greatness and glory to be ever expanding and never diminishing, and your thoughts of self to be ever diminishing and never expanding. Make this the constant cry of your heart - "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30).

     If we have high, lofty, grand thoughts of Christ, we will obtain a proper understanding of all other things. In the light of Christ's great love and sin-atoning sacrifice we see the depths of our sin and degradation. We hate our sin, which wounded Immanuel and made it necessary for him to suffer and die, only to the extent that we know the value of Christ's blood. When we begin to realize what Christ has done for us by his almighty grace, our gratitude and love for him will grow. Grateful love for Christ will compel us to consecrate ourselves more and more to him. The more fully we consecrate ourselves to him, the more bold we will be in speaking for him and the more willing we will be to suffer with him. Our great Savior's greatness, compels us to surrender everything to him willingly, never imagining that we have made any sacrifice at all.

     Entertain great thoughts of Christ, and you will have great delight in him. A great Savior gives a great sense of security to those who trust him. Nothing shall ever change him, overcome him,or hinder him. Therefore, his sheep are assured that "they shall never perish" (John 10:28).This sense of security promotes not licentiousness, but dedication. It produces great joy and peace, which keeps the heart ever leaning upon Christ.

     If you would rise above the cares of earth and the toys of time, you must set your affection on Christ and let all your thoughts of him be elevated. Earth diminishes as Christ rises. Burdens become lighter when Christ is magnified in the heart. Troubles are less troubling when Christ's greatness is beheld. Sorrow is less painful when Christ is seen upon his throne,exalted, great,and glorious.Faith is stronger when it apprehends the greatness of Christ more fully. The way to grow in grace is to let your thoughts of Christ grow!


Don Fortner